Saturday, March 31

Halftime. Shabam.

This game is a case study in why, in most cases, college basketball is not as good as pro, despite the chorus of delusional souls constantly telling you otherwise.

OSU's man-2-man game plan threw salty wood chips all over G-Towns fine tuned Princeton offense, and, it being college ball, Georgetown was unable to adjust.

Georgetown has to praise Great Oden's ghost that the same nervousness that seemed to afflict their passes with a major case of shitty did the same to OSU shooting game until about 4 minutes left.

OSU finished +6 with Oden out, which could be the difference in the game, and for all the hype of the Hibbert/Oden match up, well Oden played 2 of 20 minutes. Proof positive: hype sucks.

P.S: Beer is still good.

P.P.S: Given the UF veterans and UCLA's determination to avenge last year's lost, combined with their stellar their D the second game should be far better. College basketball is still sloppier than the fat chick, drunk on St. Ides, at frat party.

LiveBlogging to an Audience of None

Georgetown has 2 points in the 8 minutes Oden has been out. Not good. Final Four pressure on 18 year olds? Nah, couldn't be that. Not at all.

P.S: Beer is good.

Poised For a Comeback?

Step 1: Joe Theisman gets the boot at MNF
Step 2: American Gladiators, once hosted by Joey T, gets marathon play on ESPN Classic
Step 3: American Gladiators 2000, hosted by Joe Theisman?

Dear God,
I haven't asked you for much and considering how frequently you drop the ball on my Redskin prayers, I implore you to make this happen.

Friday, March 30

Trent Green?

I'm sorry but why all the interest in Trent Green? The man is almost 38 years old and is simply a product of a Kansas City offense that passes the ball ALOT! Dolphins and Browns beware of Trent Green; he may be good for a year or two but think about the future first!

Tuesday, March 27

Top-10 Consistent Franchises

Over at Pro-Football-Reference Doug has put together a list of the most consistent NFL franchises since 1978.

The site contains some math jargon (translation: cover your room in plastic before visiting the site, whereupon your brain will spew from your ears, sending it's college-altered grey matter everywhere like the frag from an IED) but here are the top-10 teams reproduced without any permission whatsoever. Visit the site for the complete list.

The columns are: 1) Average wins and 2) the average standard deviation from that number year to year.

crd 5.91 1.69
htx 4.80 1.72
mia 9.53 2.12
sea 8.02 2.14
min 8.48 2.19
den 9.65 2.41
pit 9.44 2.42
kan 8.37 2.46
det 6.41 2.53
phi 8.80 2.60

Congrats to the Cardinals, winners of...something. Although with an average of 6 wins a season that's consistency akin to fondling a cookie dough textured tit at the nursing home.

Say What?

During the Twins / Yanks spring training game today, the annoucers gave a little AL East preview --
"The Yanks -- can they remain healthy and overcoming A-Rod distractions?
The Red Sox -- can(I missed this part...not important)?
The O's, can they find quality pitching after their big 3 starters?
The D-Rays are going to be terrible."


Comedian Eddie Griffin on crashing a rare Ferrari Enzo while practicing for an upcoming charity race --

"Undercover Brother's good at karate and all the rest of that, but the brother can't drive."

Monday, March 26

I Wish Females Were As Loyal (After Poor Performance)

The Redskins led the league in attendence for the 7th consecutive year.

Washington drew 708,952, followed by the New York Giants (628,925), Kansas City (624,171) and the New York Jets (618,563).

Washington also led the league in total attendance, home and away, for its 16 games with 1,232,200

IN OTHER NEWS Dan Snyder has traded the Redskins next 14 first round picks to Buzz Aldrin in an attempt to purchase the moon.

For Once He's Speechless?

The Hoyas are back...but can't we get some quotes from famed alum and Rhodes Scholar Allen Iverson?

Thursday, March 22

Still on the Road....

Dear Tony LaRussa,
It's a good thing you are a laywer, because DUI's are expensive. I generally find that intersections are good places for driving, but less good for sleeping.

Texans make a good move for once? whaat?!?!?

The Houston Texans today traded for Atlanta backup Qb Matt Shaub; ending David Carr's reign but giving away a few early draft picks in exchange for a solid QB. Now alot of people who have watched Shaub play consider the guy one of the best backups in the game, and alot of people called him a "flash in the pan" that only performs well in limited action. This year we will all see how good of a Qb Shaub really is and I believe, he will put that talk to rest. I always hated that "project" mentality approach that teams take.. like our players just need to develop and they need to be nurtured into the big leagues (entire Devil Rays squad)...When you go to the pros you either have the tools or you dont. Yes, there is a learning curve but come one seriously

" David Carr will be good in six or so years...",

or the
"He just gets sacked all the time its not his fault the O-line sucks!"

You know what? The fact remains David Carr had his six year opportunity and simply couldn't take that team absolutely anywhere. Is David Carr a good Quarterback? Absolutely, but the Texans needed a change of pace and I absolutely love this pickup. Maybe, in six years time and in respect to the " Project Approach" , Eric will show this post to his buddy Mario Williams, who he insanely still stands by with last years #1 pick .Personally, I would probably take a look at all the amazing rookies last year Addai, Jones Drew,Hester,VY, Colston, Mark Anderson,AJ Hawk, know what, forget it the list is too long.

Monday, March 19

What a homer..

Joe Theismann when asked about who he thought where some suprise teams for next season....

There are a couple that immediately jump to mind. The Redskins are one because they had a great deal of momentum when the season ended, because they seemed to have found their quarterback of the future in Jason Campbell...

Geez Joe. I didn't expect that one coming...

Saturday, March 17

Trouble in PasierbLand?

Is it just me or do the Bears look like they could possibly be in trouble for next year?

Tank- getting locked up..Who would have though a guy with the name Tank Johnson would be arrested on weapon charges?

Rex- self-explanatory

Thomas Jones- A lotta people do not realize the caliber of a running back that Thomas Jones is. The loss of TJ is leaving a huge weight on Benson's shoulder. It'll be intereting to see if they draft an RB.

Lance Briggs- Will he really sit out an entire year? Coming from someone who watched Deion Branch demand money as if he was the best in the biz, I'd say that Briggsy will seriously sit out the year if it came down to it. He would not only be making a huge mistake on his career but he would leave a gaping hole in that run defense.

Mentally- More recently, alot of teams collapse the years after their first superbowl appearance in awhile, (Raiders, Giants, Bucs..etc) I'm worried that this could happend to a yound team like the bears as well

For all purposes, I hope that the Bears overcome these offseason struggles with a solid draft and a clear mind on the upcoming season. It will be interesting to see what transpires with that team the next year not only cause I'm a fan but also because it could very possibly, provoke many Knee Jerk reactions by Bear Afficianado Jon Pasierb.....

March not so madness?

How about the first round of games? A total of 5 upsets in the first round and three of them were the #9 seed over the # 8 seeds. I don't want to knock the greatest sporting event in all of sports, (you know its true) but where are the big upsets? the Bucknells and Hampton teams of this world? Maybe march madness has been spoiled the past few years..Maybe I just wanna see another George Mason... Woo Winthrop beat Notre Dame, you know what USF beat Notre Dame and frankly, I could legitametly have a chance to start for USF (they're very bad).Also, is Virginia Commonwealth is that big of an upset? I watched Duke play a few games this year and they looked terrible, sloppy offensively and very beatable and I was not that suprised to see them lose. In the second half of almost every games the underdogs for the most part, blown out! I hope the second round brings some upsets because that first round of games was lacking any storyline or excitement. Man Im drunk......zzzzzzzzzz

ON A SIDE NOTE: Eric this blog needs you....COME BACK

Wednesday, March 14

The D.C Monster...

Redskins this. Capitals that. Nationals this. Wizards that. Blah Blah blah....Enough of all this D.C area talk on this blog. Let's talk about the greatest Washington Athelete the area had ever seen.

Is it Sean Taylor? Nope

Slingin' Sammy? Nah

Art Monk? Nah's Gheorge Muresan! Who could forget the 7' 7 beast of a center who could dunk with the greatest of ease, block shots at will and command the utmost attention from his opponents. In all seriousness, Muresan is simply a funny man; whether its displaying his dance moves or advertising his latest fragance, we should all show more respect to the man that is Gheorge Muresan....

This one is for dee kids

Tuesday, March 13

Trouble In Franchisedise

Lance Briggs is done with the Bears:

"I am now prepared to sit out the year if the Bears don't trade me or release me," Briggs told on Monday night. "I've played my last snap for them. I'll never play another down for Chicago again."

He claims he'd motivated, in large part, by a desire to be 'the man':
I'm a competitor and I want the same thing [Brian Urlacher] has. I've learned a lot from Brian as a player and a leader and I eventually want to be 'the man' somewhere. I want to be like him and have everything put on me too. Obviously I'll never be able to do that there.

Though resident Bears fan Jon has not posted here at the Naz, he found the time to comment on this article at
Blah blah, trade him. Hopefully he gets cancer so that any money he makes go to doctors' bills. He shouldnt be allowed to enjoy $7 mill, the way he's been acting.


I've been following the daily dispatches from the NFL USO trip to Iraq and Afghanistan. The players on trip are Alge Crumpler, Will Shields, Shelton Quarles and Ben Watson.

The dispatches won't be filed in the annals of great war-front prose, but they're important, nonetheless, because they humanize the both the war and the NFL players. All too often we speak of both as a homogeneous mass, only acknowledging the individual when they reach the opposite ends the achievement spectrum; that being greatness or failure. It's necessary to understand that the Army is comprised of individuals, individuals trying to do good, and individuals who are appreciative of the visit from these NFL players. Though reciprocity need not be pointed out (as in: the pleasure is all mine) you get the sense that the players are taking a lot from their trip, both in the impact that they have and understanding the sacrifices that the solders make daily.

If you have 10 minutes take the time to read all 6 dispatches.

Murder and Punting

And he planned on getting away with it how exactly?

Former Northern Colorado backup is accused of stabbing starter: Mitch Cozad, a former Northern Colorado backup punter accused of stabbing starter Rafael Mendoza, pleaded not guilty Monday in Greeley, Colo., to charges of attempted murder and assault.

Cozad is accused of leaving a 3- to 5-inch deep gash in Mendoza's kicking leg during a Sept. 11 ambush in Evans, Colo. Police have said they believe Cozad stabbed Mendoza in an attempt to get the starting job.

Monday, March 12

The Crime Wave Continues

Before you even read this, think; if a stolen gun is a bad thing to have, what does that make a gun stolen from the ATF?

TAMPA, Fla. -- Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Charles Sharon was charged with stealing a handgun that police found under the seat of his sport utility vehicle during a drug-related search.

Sharon and a companion were arrested Saturday night after a Tampa police officer noticed the odor of marijuana coming from his 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe parked in the Ybor City entertainment district, a police report said.

A search of the vehicle turned up a Glock Model 27 handgun under the driver's seat. Tampa police reported that the gun was stolen last year from a federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent in Putnam County, but an ATF spokesman said Monday that the weapon belonged to an agent of the state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.

Amazingly, Charles Sharon drops in on to comment on this article:
Hi. My name is Charles Sharon. Last year I was a rookie. I made the league minimum salary of $260,000. I decided that it would be better if I stole a gun instead of using some of my earnings to buy and register it. I AM A MORON!

Patriots 2.0

The Patriots, have reloaded offensively and defensively this off season. Whether the additions of Wes Welker,Donte Stallworth and now touchdown dance extraordinare Kelley Washington. (SWEET DANCE!)The Pats appear to have upgraded their team, seriously. I think we definitely overpaid for Stallworth and Washington, but both of their contracts are incentive laden contracts and could essentially be seen as one year contracts for the both of them if they don't produce. Nevertheless, I am very excited to see what the patriots do in the Draft. One could argue we could be heading into the season a favorite to once again hoist the lombardi trophy over our collective heads...

First Openly Gay NBA Player Gayly Signs First Openly Gay Endorsment Contract For Being Openly Gay.

Good old John Amaechi, wasting perfectly good news space with these amazing developments:

Former NBA player John Amaechi became the first openly gay male athlete to sign an endorsement deal with a mainstream company.
SO WHAT?!!! This is news now? And that "mainstream company" is....HeadBlade?
"John Amaechi is the newest face of the brand because he embodies many of the qualities representative of a HeadBlader," HeadBlade chief executive Todd Greene said. "He is a man comfortable in his own skin and he's not afraid to go against the grain."
Get it? Grain, like shaving against the grain, like a double-entendre. Clever.

And he sports a shaved noggin.

After that the comparison sorta falls apart, unless "HeadBladers" are generally attracted to penis.

Sunday, March 11

If You See Pacman Jones; Run Away.

Trouble follows Pacman like the stale stench of sex follows Paris Hilton.

A man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after police said he threatened troubled Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones with a knife at a Franklin, Tenn., bowling alley.

No one was hurt during the Friday night incident.

"Mr. Jones was here just trying to be a normal customer, trying to bowl" with several others, Franklin police detective Stephanie Cisco said, according to The Tennessean newspaper.

News From Outside

The Outdoors section of usually provides some interesting tidbits. Today's headlines:

Navy seeks to deploy dolphins to protect
Seattle-area base from terrorist swimmers

Hawkins deputies look for heavy woman who attacked Bulls Gap restaurant employee with catfish

Flat-out mean and ugly: 10 scariest fish on planet

Friday, March 9

Tom Brady: Modern Day Johnny Appleseed


Alternate title: Tom Brady: Most Vigorous Propagator

Word on the Brazilian street is that father-to-be Tom Brady has off and planted a new seed in his model girlfriend's field. You know, the girlfriend who happens to look hot.

Wednesday, March 7

Nice Guys Finish Last

Congrats to the good guy, Sean Taylor, who has been named one of S.I.'s 10 most controversial football players.

Taylor has had legal problems since entering the NFL. He faced felony assault charges from a 2005 incident in Miami, but eventually reached an agreement with prosecutors that resulted in just community service. Taylor is also controversial for his hard hits on the field. At this year's Pro Bowl, the Redskins safety laid a devastating hit on Bills punter Brian Moorman.
Don't forget that time he spit on wife-beating Michael Pittman in a playoff game.

Also, don't forget a DUI that was throw out when his lawyer claimed that Sean failed the alphabet test because he hadn't had to recite it in so long, so he just forgot a few letters.

And are hard hits on the field controversial? Or are they FOOTBALL?

In fairness to Sean, they're talking about controversy, which is generally not the event but the speculation and hoopla around it. Beating and your wife isn't controversial, just despicable. Ditto for dewies, guns and the entire Bengals team. Although the list is kind of inconsistent, because Chris Henry and Pacman Jones make it which is actual trouble, but I guess those guys are the public faces of trouble and thusly controversial. I don't think T.O. has ever been arrested so putting him above guys who have put lives at risk seems kinda iffy.

The list:
1. T.O.
2. Randy "Straight Cash Homey" Moss
3. Pacman Jones
4. Chris Henry
5. Jeremy Shockey
6. Tank Williams
7. Michael Vick
8. Sean Merriman
9. Sean Taylor
10. Ricky Williams

My list (of recent history) would go:
1. Ray Caruth: killed his pregnant girlfriend
2. Leonard Little: killed a women while driving drunk
3. Ray Lewis: killed a man for no reason
4. Pacman Jones: complicit in shooting that resulted in man being paralyzed
5. Maurice Clarret: Drank a bunch and went on a berserk assassination mission
6. Randy McMichael: pushed his girlfriend out of a moving car
7. Maurice Jones-Drew & Ricky Manning Jr.: beat a guy at Denny's unconscious because he looked like a nerd.
8. Albert Haynsworth: cleated a man's face DURING A GAME
9. a) Koren Robinson: 8,000 DUIs, 90 days in jail.
...b) Chris Henry: 5,000 DUIs
10. Michael Irvin: blow and hoes.

Quotable: Double Homicide Edition

Murderer O.J Simpson, on the possibility he may be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter. The sadism of The Juice is unparalleled .

"I hope they don't do a DNA test on Anna Nicole's baby. If they find out Dannielynn is mine, I don't want Fred Goldman trying to seize her money - or the baby herself."

Wlibon & LeBron, Redux


Let me reiterate my point from the last post.

I think LeBron James has a more stable household for which to rear children than Matt Leinart and Tom Brady; Leinart is a known hard partier and promiscuous young buck and Brady (who's no longer with his baby's momma) gets around like he was a 2-Pac song. LeBron has the same baby's momma for both kids, is still with her and is, by all accounts, an excellent father.

That said, my point was this: out of wedlock children have increased steadily since the '30s and have skyrocketed since the 90's. All ethnic groups are effected by this issue but in the black community this is a far greater problem (44% greater) than white community, ergo, black role models may have more of a responsibility than white role models to speak out and be positive influences to young black men. More examples of this would be:

Gay men having a greater responsibility to speak of regular AIDs testing and the need for safe sex(70% of all HIV/AIDS cases are from men who have sex with men)

White communities speaking out on skin cancer prevention (3 of 5 skins cancer cases are caucasian)

Women speaking about the need for regular mammograms

Excreta, and so forth.

It's not that a black baby out of wedlock is any different than a white baby out of wedlock -- they're the same -- but given the percentages, prevention efforts may be better geared toward blacks, and LeBron James and other black role models are very much a part of those efforts.


Tuesday, March 6

This Weekend Dolph and I Saw Boobies. Yessir.


Lance Briggs is saying to the Bears; 're$cind the franchi$e tag or trade me, biatch.' We'll see that happens with that situation.

It was pointed out to me (by a radio host, so he wasn't exactly telling me) that, during the wonderful utopia known as the NFL regular season, your team only plays about 48 hours total. 3 hours average game, 16 games = 48. And when you look at it like's really depressing.

I caught One Nut John Kruk on Baseball Tonight discussing the probability of Bonds breaking the record this year. He said it was a lock because "even in a bad year [Barry Bonds] will hit 30 HRs" which is true if you pretend Bonds hit 4 more dingers than his 26 last season. Right on, Kruky!

How about this quote from Cedric Maxwell, the color commentator for the Celtics:

The referee who made this call was Violet Palmer, who happens to be a woman. Cedric Maxwell, the analyst / sidekick on the Celtics broadcast team, proclaimed "Get back in the kitchen!" when she made the call. Max's partner, Sean Grande, tried to throw him a lifeline by pointing out that they had both been previously impressed by Palmer's officiating, but Max continued "Get back in the kitchen and fix me some bacon and eggs!"
Good one. Real witty.

Michael Wilbon's WaPo Chat House today provided some interesting nuggets:
Rockville, Md.: Mike -- aren't NFL signings pretty much of a joke? There are big press conferences announcing mega contracts, then a good chunk of the players are eventually released or asked to restructure. An excellent example is our own Stephen Davis, who signed a $90 million contract with the 'Skins and then was gone in no time.

Michael Wilbon: Thank you. Of course, they're a joke. They're announced for the benefit of the team, which wants to impress the local populace with phony numbers, and for agents who want to impress potential clients with phony numbers. It's a dog-and-pony show that the media is complicit in carrying out and the whole thing is disgusting and phony and a complete fraud. But the NFL can do anything it wants and people will swallow the thing whole.
True dat. Well said.
Washington, D.C.: I'm constantly amazed at how little love the Mavericks get from the national media.

Michael Wilbon: Yo, the Mavs need to win the championship. That's the way it works in professional sports
Yeah, like Phoenix.

This is where the chat gets interesting with a dumb question receiving multiple dumb answers for a total dumbafied dumbthing.
Rockville, Md.: With all of the stress that the NBA is putting on cleaning up its image, what do you think about the report that LeBron James is expecting his second child? He's old (young) enough to be a senior in college and clearly a questionable role model. Can or will the NBA (or Nike) do anything in order to portray responsible adults as their image other then enact a dress code?

Michael Wilbon: Is LeBron's child out of wedlock any different than Tom Brady's or Matt Leinart's? And if so, why? Because one is 22 years old and another is 23 and another is 28? Why doesn't that mean the NFL has to clean up its image?
A) Nice question you prejudicial dolt
B) Mike always does this when he thinks a question is racist or prejudicial or stupid; he changes the subject. And he always misses the real issue, which in this case is the dude saying "pretty questionable role model" which is an insane thing to say. Because he's got tattoos? But what do Tom's kid and Matt's kid have to do with LeBron. Nothing, I'm pretty sure. Yep, I double checked and the answer is nothing. For the record, LeBron's son is 3 and half and Leinart's kid is half a year old. Brady's kid is still in the extremely fine oven being baked. And Mike, let me let you in on a little secret; the difference is those guys are white. LeBron? Not so much. The realquestion is: does that matter?

Later in the chat someone says this:
Washington,D.C.: First, to the comment about LeBron's child: He's been with that girl since high school and they are still together.
I don't know what that even means. Maybe if you've done her for a while, you can do it in style; no rubber? Or maybe dating makes the kid not a bastard? Who knows?

Finally we have:
Bethesda, Md. Re LeBron:

Is this guy kidding? Is he living in 1920? This is 2007. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. I don't know the numbers but I am sure the number of black kids born out of wedlock is probably only a small percentage higher than other groups. As long as he is going to care for his child what difference does it make if he is "married?"

Michael Wilbon: This is one of a number of comments that say essentially the same thing, so I'm posting this to let the group know what the general feeling is about that one question a few minutes ago. Thanks.
This is the problem with opinions; "I don't know the numbers but I'm pretty sure...", "I DON'T KNOW THE NUMBERS but I'm pretty sure..." OK, I don't know this guy but I'm pretty sure he's a fucking idiot. And Wilbon rewards this douche for just making up some stupid stat that doesn't exist.

You know what's cool about this sort of thing? You can find the actual numbers out. And I did --

Babies out of wedlock: White (25.4%), Black (69.5%), Asian (16.2%), Hispanic (47.9%)

Those %'s are just sooooo damn close, I mean, what the hell is 44 more % right. Like 2 babies? Maybe 4?

And that brings us full circle to the first question and why dismissing things out of hand usurps debate and possible progress: because blacks have more babies out wedlock than any other group, black role models may have a greater obligation to talk about the need to wrap it up. Whites should also be obligated and should do this, but as a black role model LeBron might have more onus on him to promote changing this trend. Maybe not. But worth talking about? Probably.

Sunday, March 4

A Rumor That Doesn't Involve Britney Spear's Drug Habits (psst, it was heroin)

WaPo's Jason La Canfora reports that new Bronco corner Dre Bly would rather be a Redskin.

Numerous league sources, including several who have spoken with Denver cornerback Dre' Bly, said that the player is miffed that he was dealt to the Broncos last week instead of Washington. As I have reported, the Redskins were deep into trade and subsequent contract talks with Bly - a Detroit Lion at the time - and were dangling cornerback Shawn Springs in discussions with those teams.
I'm all for it. Sprigs is a solid corner, no doubt, but his frequently tattered groin is far from solid and I wouldn't mind watching him hobble out of Washington.

My only concern with Bly is that a guy who once publicly bashed his teammates, could be prone to do it again:
"If we'd had production on offense, in particular the quarterback position, Mooch wouldn't have been fired...We're all at fault, but I just feel like Joey [Harrington]'s been here four years, and being the No. 3 pick in the draft, he hasn't given us anything, He hasn't given us what the third pick in the draft should give us."
In the chemistry conscious NFL it's doubtful that a guy who's unhappy with his situation would be kept in that situation, especially when he's filling the shoes of a well-liked and recently deceased player. I expect this to happen.

Saturday, March 3

Trashing Talking 101

With rampant free agency ruminations on various message boards, a minor feud has developed between WaPo Redskins Insider and the official team message board,

Pointless? Indeed. But as a wonderful by-product I became a better person by reading this masterpiece of hatred:

Maybe your judgment is impaired, I don't know. I'm sure a lot of blood has rushed to your head while you've been grabbing your ankles. In any event, it's hilarious you're making accusations about JLaC holding his readers -- the same ones he met for beers last week -- in low regard.

You know who's held in low regard? Every fan who puts up with the worst stadium in the NFL, the most expensive tickets, the most restrictions on game-day parking and walking, the most dysfunctional front office, restricted-view seats, club-endorsed scalping, radio broadcasts with more ads than action, and a million other small indignities -- and yet continues to bleed burgundy and gold! And why? Because we're all in it together. And you come in here and trash this blog, a place for those same fans -- and a place that was doing just fine before you slug-trailed your sorry a$$es in here.

So go back over to your corporate-sponsored black hole to post your brand-building, Six-Flags approved, TomKat Klub droolings. And in so doing be sure to trash the media whenever possible! Because it's the media's fault in general, and JLaC's specifically, that our beloved team's had one good season in the past decade.

I remember the RFK days when Skinsville wasn't overrun with the kind of meat-tenderized and self-satisfied yuppies who populate FedEx -- and, unfortunately, have come trolling around this blog.

What I don't understand is this: When The Snyder looks at you, you yuppie minions, he spits in your collective eye, and you thank him. Don't you realize you could use the extra money he's been charging you to buy your wife that third luxury SUV in the hopes she starts doing you "favors" like the ones she did in college before you realized your marriage is loveless?



Big Daddy Shaq, on his 31 points against the Pistons --
"I heard they didn't double-team me because they think I'm an old man. What they didn't know is I'm the baddest in my age bracketus."

Same Case for Art Monk, New Way of Making It

This post is looooong. If you're interested in reading it, click here.
Once there you may want to just print the thing out. I could've made a .pdf in a pleasant looking, easy to read format, but I could've not and given those choices I went with not. Here's a teaser intro:

As sporting history expands, so expands the list of sport’s ‘What the hell’ moments;
Cubs: What the hell part of his arm is hurt?
John Daly: What the hell are these clubs for again?
Chargers: Ryan Leaf? What the hell were we thinking?
Mike Tyson: What the hell is on my face?

Recent history has also unkindly granted the Washington Redskins a WTHM, as former coaches, players and millions of fans rally behind one question: What the hell is keeping Art Monk out of the Hall of Fame?


The pats have suprise me once again. Not to kkep on the subject of my own team, but the patriots friday night signed the much coveted Adalius thomas! Holy crap this will do wonders for our ancient linebacking corps...We still have so much cap room too! Sorry for the lack of thought into this blog but this is huge news seeing that Thomas was arguably the biggest defensive free agent on the market this year!

So long Corey, thanks for the memories...

I saw the much expected release of Corey Dillon happened today. Say what you want about the guy, he is probably one of the better overlooked 90's running backs (right there with Curtis My favorite Martin, Jerome Bettis,Marshall Faulk,Terrell Davis..etc). He carried (more or less) the Bengals through that decade and even held the single game rushing record Much respect, Corey. Even though you are slow as shit, caused me much aggravation through your constant fumblitis, you can still run the ball and hopefully you'll find a spot on another roster. Until then, everyone get ready for Laurence Maroney, who I guarantee is coming to a superbowl near you...

Friday, March 2

Stats Without Names: The Game

In what I hope becomes a tend here, I'm posting some stats without the names attached, names found in the comments section.

This is an attempt to shake up our (you and me) preconceived notions of the skill level of each player.

Today is NFL completion % QB day:

#1--- 51.5

#2--- 62.3

#3--- 65.3

#4 --- 56.6

#5 --- 68.3 (this QB had the most attempts of the 5 listed)

Sign of the Times

Wrigley is placing ads on their outfield wall. Repent, the end is nigh.

IN OTHER NEWS the USC hockey goalie mooned a BYU crowd and was charged with misdemeanor lewdness. Good thing Joe Buck wasn't calling that game.

Happy Trails! Welcome Home!

Since the start of the free-agent carousel, the following things have been a move'n and a shake'n:

UPDATED 3:01 PM: Jeff 'Gay But Not Gay' Garcia is rumored to have signed with the Raiders -- which is weird because I thought he was truly tired of being a starter for losing teams. Lions, Browns and now the Raiders?...sheesh.

  • Jake Plummer has retired, voiding a trade to the Bucs

  • Joe Horn was released

  • Pittsburgh's Joey Porter was cut

  • Colts WR Brandon Stokley, cut

  • San Fran WE Antoino Bryant, cut

  • Texans WR Eric Moulds, cut

  • Old Man Brad Johnson released

  • Old Man McCardell is out in San Diego

  • Jamaal Lewis will likely be waived

  • TE Daniel Graham is set to become a Bronco, joining former Lions CB Dre Bly

  • Buffalo is looking to trade Takieo Spikes

  • J-Ville resigns Freddy "Oh, My Knee" Taylor

  • IN REDSKINS NEWS: The teams has resigned FB Mike Sellers and guard Randy Thomas. More cap wiggle room, what else is new?

    ALSO, a good overview of free agency terms and rules from

    Free Agency Begins

    Which means one thing: time for the Redskins to drop massive Benjamins.

    It's rumored that Buffalo MLB London Fletcher and Minnesota CB Fred Sex Boat Smoot will be Redskins before weeks end, providing help to a defense ranked 31st overall and last against the pass. This could also mean oft-injured CB Shawn Springs will be cut by the team.

    For Smoot, it will mark a homecoming following his disappointing and trouble addled stay in Minnesota.

    Fletcher will reunite with his former coach, Greg Williams, and likely disappoint legions of Redskins fans with his inability to stuff the run.

    Thursday, March 1

    Least favorite teams...

    Just wondering, what is everyone's least favorite sport teams? We all know we hate those teams in our respective divisions (Scott hate cowboys), but what about those teams that for some reason or another we love to hate....


    1.Yankees (self-explanatory)
    2. Colts (gotta respect Dungy though)
    3. Buffalo Bills, Dolphins, Jets (also self explanatory)
    4. UCF (nobody is yet to realize how terrible they really are)
    5. Duke ( every year we gotta hear about how good they are)
    6. Denver Broncos (If you own my team in the playoffs and end my teams string of superbowls, those years of being a loyal John Elway fan are washed out the door)
    7. U of Miami- (historically "unsportsmanlike" teams dating back to the days of Michael Irvin and also what a shitty school altogether)

    alright thats good for now ...

    Devil Ray Insanity...

    A wise man once told me the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Though I love the D-rays,I do think what they are doing is insane. Yes they do have an amazing outfield, and Scott Kazmir is arguably one of the best young talents in the game, but who else is there? Each year, the Devil rays spend less and less money on their team and somehow expect to climb out of that last spot. Here, let me save you the hassle guys....

    Baseball is about money. Everything about the sport today, is about money. The teams that finish atop their divisions each year are almost always the ones that shell out money to their players. Now don't get me wrong, those Minnesota Twins and Oakland Athletics always seem to find their way into the postseason wby reaping the benefits of excellent farm systems. However, those are only two teams. If you think the Yankees or Red Sox would be where they are today without spending money your sadly mistaken. You see, these teams, though I don't agree what they are doing to the sport are actually treat their team like a business and not some f*cking circus. In case you dont know what I'm talking about, heres how it went down last year.

    The devil rays last year instead of taking ownership of their lack of payroll, cleaned house. Trading away up and coming talents like Julio Lugo and Aubrey Huff, both who are not even close to all-stars but with the right amount of time, could have been solid baseball players. No instead of spending money, they focused on "cleaning up" Tropicana field and installing a f*cking devil ray tank in center field; deciding not to focus on winning games or spending money on the leauges absolute worst bullpen. What they are doing with that team is disrespectful to the fans and the whole Tampa Bay area. This year, change that stupid motto "We come to play" to something more along the lines of "We come to win". Until then, I will be waiting for those six dollar beach seats and dollar beers at the Friday night games.

    ahh man i can taste the beer already.