Sunday, April 29

Patriots Draft

I was thoroughly impressed with the Draft Day action of my team. Just when you think your managment is acting cheap and refusing to pay playerE, they shell out the money for some big time players like Randy Moss. Also, I think Merriweather will be a star in this league regardless of coming from thug university. We shouldn't take much against him, simply because he comes from a team with historically bad sportsmanship and thug mentality. (The U, "You don't come into da OB son!", FIU Brawl) I do think Randy Moss is still an elite reciever in this league and not as big of a headache as the media makes him out to be. So the guy doesn't wanna to play for a joke of a football team like the oakland Raiders, frankly, I can't see anyone wanting to play for the Raiders right now! Lets not forget that Andrew Walter guy might very well be the worst starting Qb in awhile and if a player with Moss's ability is catching one ball for 8 yds on an every week basis, it would seem a little disheartning. However, theres no excuse for it and your payed to be a part of a team and should likewise, be grateful regardless of the situation. I assure everyone, if Randy Moss is any sort of trouble in Foxbourough, he will be run out of town faster than you can say "Straight Cash Homie". For all you non fans, Behlichick refuses to deal with egos;, cutting staples like Ty Law,Lawyer Milloy,Deion Branch and soon to be Asante Samuel simply because there head wasn't in to winning championships but rather on putting some slick 22s on their pimped out rides. Though I am shocked at the move for Moss, I can't question the team that will probably, in all likelihood, win next year's superbowl. MWWAHAHA


Shit fI just realized football season is so far away!

Friday, April 27


You have a link on our page to FIRE JOE MORGAN.COM or whatever the actual blog/site it is....and it gets a lot of hits mainly because of its name...all I'm wondering is if there is a way to change out site's name or address to something a little more firey just to get hits....then more random readership.....def a good idea

SHOW ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roughly speaking, the past 10-plus years (maybe a little more) has been the "show-me-me" era. Big-time player/coach signings...the expectancy for dominence NOW is higher than ever.............HEY!! NFL DRAFT TIME!!!...JaMarcus Russell...Brady Quinn...Calvin Johnson........better be franchise savers!.....In this day and age if you don't win now, you're fucked, no matter the situation, no matter the scenario...and if you happen to "luck into" a big stage, you could be fucked even more (i.e. Rex Grossman). Not to get off on a tangent, but Rex is the next Brett Favre. I don't know what Favre's numbers were in comparison to Grossman's at this stage in his career, but in my mind, from observation, they are virtually identical -- a gun-slinger that wants no more than the win and will do anything for it, but at times makes some illogical decisions. The illogical decisions are what Favre grew out of and also learned how to morph into great decisions--but that's what makes a great quarterback. Does Grossman have it? We'll see....

SHOW ME NOW!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, the best examples of the "show-me-now" era are within the realm of coaching...................But this conversation is going to have to be extended to my next post....because I'm tired and it's late ;)

Wednesday, April 25

People are crazy

Since nobody is posting anything and in the lack of sports news, people have gone absolutely crazy.

Saturday, April 21

Injury Shminjury...

Is it just me or does it appear like some of these "injuries" that athletes get seem to come at very convenient times? Like when Dante Culpepper played an entire game and came off the field walking fine and appearing completely healthy and then after a few struggling games, is mysteriously on the injured reserve for the rest of the year? If I remember correctly, the guy was downright awful his last six or so games in Minnesota and showed no improvement the next year in Miami.....And what about Soriano? He is having a terrible start in Chicago and your telling me Soriano, who is almost always healthy, just happened to get injured while stinking it up in chi-town? Maybe it's just me over looking into things, like I usually do, but I am beginning to suspect that coaches encourage struggling stars to exaggerate routine injuries and illnesses so they can either a.) allow time off for the star to collect their thoughts or b.) to simply avoid any bad press from the local media for benching a star caliber player. Just a thought..

Reading Comprehension

I came across a headline that read "Ditka Helps Paralyzed Teen" but I read it this way -- "Ditka Helps Paralyze Teen" which is not only a better story, but far more logical given the subject.

Wednesday, April 18

D-Ray Disapointment

Well, its another year in D-rayville and it seems not a whole lot has changed. Yes, the young lineup shows dramatic progress and our highly touted young prospects (Delmon Young,Iwamura..etc) are finally beginning to live up to their hype. With that being said, the leagues by far worst bullpen is just the same as last year, absolutely atrocious. For decency purposes, I'm not going to pick on the rotation even though its just as bad, (Casey Fossum a starter! I mean come on!). Anyways, somehow management must have thought it would magically get better over the offseason purely through faith. I cannot believe how bad the pitching is. Like, the other day, I turned off the Orioles game in the sixth inning because it was 7-1, only to find the next morning that the Orioles came back to win the game 9-7! I'm sorry man but Scott Kazmir can't pitch every inning of every game, eventually your gonna have to shell out money. Yea, that's right money, the blatant reason the Yankees and Red Sox finish 1-2 in the division every single year. It must be hard to ignore the fact that A-rod and Jeter make more in a year than the D-rays spend on their entire organization. Can somebody tell me why do I care about a team that lost 100 games last year?

Thursday, April 12

Thanks for the memories Bledsoe...

Though "old barrel legs" Drew was probably one of the most immobile quarterbacks to ever play the game, I can't help but respect the guy who year in and year out did his job regardless of the situation. Everywhere he went he was unappreciated by the fans ; mainly for his sometimes irrational throwing decisions. and how he didn't fear the long ball, even when throwing into a crowded secondary. In all seriousness, here is a guy who has had his job taken from a younger person each time (Brady,Losman, Romo) yet still went out every day and did what was expected of him. I can remember that hit that Mo Lewis delivered to Bledsoe and the nine year era that it ended. However, people forget after that hit, (that sheered a blood vessel causing some very dangerous internal bleeding that could have killed him) Bledsoe apparently wanted to go back into the game and had to be told to come off the field by the coaching staff. Simply put, the man enjoyed playing football and in my opinion, had a decent 14 year career. He really wasn't the most consistent of quarterback, but he had some great years for the Patriots and ultimately, he was a big reason why I began watching football. Thanks Drew for the memories and introducing me to a thing called football.

Tuesday, April 10


We're getting to the Don Imus flap a little late (like you were waiting around for it?) but -- like the chocolate in Rosie's cupboard -- we were bound to get there sometime.

They were truly despicable comments to direct at 18 year old female college

IMUS: That's some rough girls from Rutgers.
Man, they got tattoos and --

McGUIRK: Some hard-core hos.

IMUS: That's some nappy-headed hos there. I'm gonna tell you that now, man,
that's some -- woo. And the girls from Tennessee, they all look cute,
you know, so, like -- kinda like -- I don't know.

McGUIRK: A Spike Lee thing.

...ROSENBERG: It was a tough watch. The more I look at Rutgers, they look exactly like the Toronto Raptors.

It raises two points:

Women aren't held to an equal standard in society. Women are perceived as vulnerable, even weak, so the fact that he leveled his comments at women raises the level of outrage into an almost protector type response. I'm mean no one is pissed that he said the Toronto Raptors look like a bunch of college girls, right?

Though "straight-hair is good" racism is long documented and palatable, I just can't label these comments racist and the hurry to yet again turn an issue into "race-based" says more, to me, about the lynch-mob (how's that for a ill-conceived but apt description?) than the lynched.

I'm mean, nappy hoes? Where did he even come up with that?

Monday, April 9

Why USF will win the Big East next year

Watch and learn kids...Watch and learn

Saturday, April 7

He Will?

I realize that Barry Bonds -- in all statistical likelihood (despite him only hitting 25 dingers last year) -- will break Hank Aaron's all-time HR record, but given that injuries do in fact happen, and sometimes result in missing multiple seasons (Griffey) and, though less common for position players, careers (Puckett) -- why is it that sportscasters state that Bond will definitively break the record?

Am I missing something? Time travel? Anything at all that lets them know this is a done deal before it's actually a done deal?

Beause if so I've got like ten thousand things I need to know about the Redskins' roster next year.

IN OTHER NEWS Hammering-Hank seems like one hell of a guy and I wish he was in my family. Maybe a son, or something.

The Joke's Still on Dolph

Between tabliod-esque teasers and microsecond spliced, seizure inducing highlight reels -- Sportscenter can still make a good joke or two.

On today's snow-delayed game in Cleveland:
"So Global Warming -- like everything else cool and hip in the world -- has not yet reached Cleveland"

Friday, April 6

Wings on Pigs

The D-Ray's have moved into first place in the AL East. Indeed, the Four Horseman are not far behind.

IN OTHER NEWS the Nats are a game behind the 'Stros in the Race to the Bottom

Good-bye Wizards

The Wizards’ season, which looked promising for most the season, was officially ruined Wednesday night when Gilbert Arenas was injured in a loss to the basement Bobcats.

Arenas entered late in the first quarter and was injured less than two minutes later, when Charlotte's Gerald Wallace inadvertently crashed into Arenas after an off-balance reverse layup. Arenas' knee bent the wrong way, much like that of a quarterback who has been hit low by a rushing lineman…Arenas was diagnosed with a lateral meniscus tear and had arthroscopic surgery on Thursday.

The Wizards have lost both of their All-Stars to injuries in less than a week. Caron Butler broke a bone in his hand in Sunday's loss to the Milwaukee Bucks and is out for six weeks. Gilbert is the center piece of the team and loosing Butler is almost as bad. The team is 2-9 this season in games Butler has missed.

With there being no chance of the Wizards advancing to the second round of the playoffs, I will be skipping all of the Eastern Conference playoff games.

In similar news, Page 2 felt it was time to crown an Official Team of Pain and Suffering. Using some random logic and math, they came up with a list of 46 teams from the 4 pro sports and guess who made the list…the Wizards. They were ranked 35th, 5 spots behind the Capitals. It could be worse, every Cleveland based team made the list, sorry Dolph.

Tuesday, April 3

Taylor-Moorman revisted

nice combo of Tecmo super bowl and the Sean Taylor hit

Skip Skip

Skip Bayless on the possibility of the FL juniors returning next year, today on Cold Pizza --
"I think they should come back just to prove last night wasn't a fluke."



FLUKE?!!! Are you serious?

Capone's Tears

There is a lot of bad writing on this here site. Mostly penned by myself. A lot. But I done finished enough school to know that this here sentence is atrocious -- not in the grammatical sense, but the all important complete and utter shit sense.

Pat Forde, via
"When it was over and the first net had been snipped, there arrived a scene sweet enough to choke up a mobster."

Monday, April 2


However, this game turns out...One thing is for sure Greg Oden is a force to be reckoned with. Whats up with the case of OMFS? (Old Man face Syndrome)

The Race (to the Bottom) Begins

Washington Nationals: 0-1
Tampa Bay Devil Rays: 0-1

A strong showing by both teams out of the gate.

The Nationals clearly have the edge by not even giving the bullpen the chance to blow the game. Good job.

Serious Questions. Answers? Not so much.

Asking a question on the internet is a bad idea (from the Redskins' messageboard.)

InsaneBoost: I remember them talking about possibly building a new Redskins stadium, in the place of RFK I believe. Anywho, the other night I walked in at the end of sports and I heard them say something about a new Redskins stadium, is there any new info out on it?

SPJunkies: It's going to open in the 2010-2011 season.

202Chaz: Yeah and its going to be made of mico-electro transparant glass and become invisible. So if you dont see it in 2010-2011 that will be why.

ryansrangers: i heard the all seats were going to recline and be made of leather

shyster411: I heard there is going to be a winning team playing there.......

Sunday, April 1

God Hates Washington

I think we all know who caused this, ; George Bush -- the source of every problem ever, including, but not limited too, the Redskins' performance in Super Bowl XVIII, Heath Shuler and Southeast DC.

Two Days, Two Games

Yesterday we watched the "best" four college teams play, today I sit down to watch two great NBA games; Heat v Pistons, Mavs v Suns.

Using the box score from the UCLA/UF & Heat/Pistons game I hope to illustrate something: college basketball may be entertaining but it is not good.

A common complaint about the pro game is the over reliance on the post game and the fouls stemming from this, ironic considering the exhalation of the Oden/Hibbert match up.

When comparing these games, remember the UCLA/UF games was high scoring and low in turnovers for a college match, while the Heat/Pistons games was low scoring for an NBA contest.

UCLA/UF: 1 foul every 55.8 seconds
Pistons/Heat (if Shaq is involved it's gotta be foul heavy): 1 foul every 1:03.

Both games featured fouling near the final buzzer.

UCLA/FL: 1 point every 17 seconds
Heat/Pistons: 1 point every 15.2 seconds

UCLA/FL: 1 every 2:11
Heat/Pistons: 1 every 2:17

Field Goal %
UCLA/FL: 45%
Pistons/Heat: 46%

3-point %:
UCLA/FL: 30%
Pistons/Heat: 35%

So based on these two games, colleges best vs a regular season NBA game we find that college has more fouls, less scoring, more turnovers, more missed shots
and, to top it all off, less talented athletes.

Fun, yes. Good, no.