Sunday, April 1

Two Days, Two Games

Yesterday we watched the "best" four college teams play, today I sit down to watch two great NBA games; Heat v Pistons, Mavs v Suns.

Using the box score from the UCLA/UF & Heat/Pistons game I hope to illustrate something: college basketball may be entertaining but it is not good.

A common complaint about the pro game is the over reliance on the post game and the fouls stemming from this, ironic considering the exhalation of the Oden/Hibbert match up.

When comparing these games, remember the UCLA/UF games was high scoring and low in turnovers for a college match, while the Heat/Pistons games was low scoring for an NBA contest.

UCLA/UF: 1 foul every 55.8 seconds
Pistons/Heat (if Shaq is involved it's gotta be foul heavy): 1 foul every 1:03.

Both games featured fouling near the final buzzer.

UCLA/FL: 1 point every 17 seconds
Heat/Pistons: 1 point every 15.2 seconds

UCLA/FL: 1 every 2:11
Heat/Pistons: 1 every 2:17

Field Goal %
UCLA/FL: 45%
Pistons/Heat: 46%

3-point %:
UCLA/FL: 30%
Pistons/Heat: 35%

So based on these two games, colleges best vs a regular season NBA game we find that college has more fouls, less scoring, more turnovers, more missed shots
and, to top it all off, less talented athletes.

Fun, yes. Good, no.


Craig said...

"good" is such a subjective term... The fact is generally more entertaining yet defintely fundamentally terrible...But I don't know if you could claim it not "good" just because its sloppy...

Eric said...

Ture story. I knew after I typed good that what I meant was "less fundamentally sound." I award you 4 points redeemable at all Eric's Crow locations.