Saturday, March 31

Halftime. Shabam.

This game is a case study in why, in most cases, college basketball is not as good as pro, despite the chorus of delusional souls constantly telling you otherwise.

OSU's man-2-man game plan threw salty wood chips all over G-Towns fine tuned Princeton offense, and, it being college ball, Georgetown was unable to adjust.

Georgetown has to praise Great Oden's ghost that the same nervousness that seemed to afflict their passes with a major case of shitty did the same to OSU shooting game until about 4 minutes left.

OSU finished +6 with Oden out, which could be the difference in the game, and for all the hype of the Hibbert/Oden match up, well Oden played 2 of 20 minutes. Proof positive: hype sucks.

P.S: Beer is still good.

P.P.S: Given the UF veterans and UCLA's determination to avenge last year's lost, combined with their stellar their D the second game should be far better. College basketball is still sloppier than the fat chick, drunk on St. Ides, at frat party.

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