Monday, April 2

Serious Questions. Answers? Not so much.

Asking a question on the internet is a bad idea (from the Redskins' messageboard.)

InsaneBoost: I remember them talking about possibly building a new Redskins stadium, in the place of RFK I believe. Anywho, the other night I walked in at the end of sports and I heard them say something about a new Redskins stadium, is there any new info out on it?

SPJunkies: It's going to open in the 2010-2011 season.

202Chaz: Yeah and its going to be made of mico-electro transparant glass and become invisible. So if you dont see it in 2010-2011 that will be why.

ryansrangers: i heard the all seats were going to recline and be made of leather

shyster411: I heard there is going to be a winning team playing there.......

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