Friday, April 27

SHOW ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roughly speaking, the past 10-plus years (maybe a little more) has been the "show-me-me" era. Big-time player/coach signings...the expectancy for dominence NOW is higher than ever.............HEY!! NFL DRAFT TIME!!!...JaMarcus Russell...Brady Quinn...Calvin Johnson........better be franchise savers!.....In this day and age if you don't win now, you're fucked, no matter the situation, no matter the scenario...and if you happen to "luck into" a big stage, you could be fucked even more (i.e. Rex Grossman). Not to get off on a tangent, but Rex is the next Brett Favre. I don't know what Favre's numbers were in comparison to Grossman's at this stage in his career, but in my mind, from observation, they are virtually identical -- a gun-slinger that wants no more than the win and will do anything for it, but at times makes some illogical decisions. The illogical decisions are what Favre grew out of and also learned how to morph into great decisions--but that's what makes a great quarterback. Does Grossman have it? We'll see....

SHOW ME NOW!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, the best examples of the "show-me-now" era are within the realm of coaching...................But this conversation is going to have to be extended to my next post....because I'm tired and it's late ;)

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