Friday, April 6

Good-bye Wizards

The Wizards’ season, which looked promising for most the season, was officially ruined Wednesday night when Gilbert Arenas was injured in a loss to the basement Bobcats.

Arenas entered late in the first quarter and was injured less than two minutes later, when Charlotte's Gerald Wallace inadvertently crashed into Arenas after an off-balance reverse layup. Arenas' knee bent the wrong way, much like that of a quarterback who has been hit low by a rushing lineman…Arenas was diagnosed with a lateral meniscus tear and had arthroscopic surgery on Thursday.

The Wizards have lost both of their All-Stars to injuries in less than a week. Caron Butler broke a bone in his hand in Sunday's loss to the Milwaukee Bucks and is out for six weeks. Gilbert is the center piece of the team and loosing Butler is almost as bad. The team is 2-9 this season in games Butler has missed.

With there being no chance of the Wizards advancing to the second round of the playoffs, I will be skipping all of the Eastern Conference playoff games.

In similar news, Page 2 felt it was time to crown an Official Team of Pain and Suffering. Using some random logic and math, they came up with a list of 46 teams from the 4 pro sports and guess who made the list…the Wizards. They were ranked 35th, 5 spots behind the Capitals. It could be worse, every Cleveland based team made the list, sorry Dolph.

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