Wednesday, April 18

D-Ray Disapointment

Well, its another year in D-rayville and it seems not a whole lot has changed. Yes, the young lineup shows dramatic progress and our highly touted young prospects (Delmon Young,Iwamura..etc) are finally beginning to live up to their hype. With that being said, the leagues by far worst bullpen is just the same as last year, absolutely atrocious. For decency purposes, I'm not going to pick on the rotation even though its just as bad, (Casey Fossum a starter! I mean come on!). Anyways, somehow management must have thought it would magically get better over the offseason purely through faith. I cannot believe how bad the pitching is. Like, the other day, I turned off the Orioles game in the sixth inning because it was 7-1, only to find the next morning that the Orioles came back to win the game 9-7! I'm sorry man but Scott Kazmir can't pitch every inning of every game, eventually your gonna have to shell out money. Yea, that's right money, the blatant reason the Yankees and Red Sox finish 1-2 in the division every single year. It must be hard to ignore the fact that A-rod and Jeter make more in a year than the D-rays spend on their entire organization. Can somebody tell me why do I care about a team that lost 100 games last year?

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