Saturday, April 21

Injury Shminjury...

Is it just me or does it appear like some of these "injuries" that athletes get seem to come at very convenient times? Like when Dante Culpepper played an entire game and came off the field walking fine and appearing completely healthy and then after a few struggling games, is mysteriously on the injured reserve for the rest of the year? If I remember correctly, the guy was downright awful his last six or so games in Minnesota and showed no improvement the next year in Miami.....And what about Soriano? He is having a terrible start in Chicago and your telling me Soriano, who is almost always healthy, just happened to get injured while stinking it up in chi-town? Maybe it's just me over looking into things, like I usually do, but I am beginning to suspect that coaches encourage struggling stars to exaggerate routine injuries and illnesses so they can either a.) allow time off for the star to collect their thoughts or b.) to simply avoid any bad press from the local media for benching a star caliber player. Just a thought..

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