Sunday, April 29

Patriots Draft

I was thoroughly impressed with the Draft Day action of my team. Just when you think your managment is acting cheap and refusing to pay playerE, they shell out the money for some big time players like Randy Moss. Also, I think Merriweather will be a star in this league regardless of coming from thug university. We shouldn't take much against him, simply because he comes from a team with historically bad sportsmanship and thug mentality. (The U, "You don't come into da OB son!", FIU Brawl) I do think Randy Moss is still an elite reciever in this league and not as big of a headache as the media makes him out to be. So the guy doesn't wanna to play for a joke of a football team like the oakland Raiders, frankly, I can't see anyone wanting to play for the Raiders right now! Lets not forget that Andrew Walter guy might very well be the worst starting Qb in awhile and if a player with Moss's ability is catching one ball for 8 yds on an every week basis, it would seem a little disheartning. However, theres no excuse for it and your payed to be a part of a team and should likewise, be grateful regardless of the situation. I assure everyone, if Randy Moss is any sort of trouble in Foxbourough, he will be run out of town faster than you can say "Straight Cash Homie". For all you non fans, Behlichick refuses to deal with egos;, cutting staples like Ty Law,Lawyer Milloy,Deion Branch and soon to be Asante Samuel simply because there head wasn't in to winning championships but rather on putting some slick 22s on their pimped out rides. Though I am shocked at the move for Moss, I can't question the team that will probably, in all likelihood, win next year's superbowl. MWWAHAHA


Shit fI just realized football season is so far away!

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