Tuesday, May 1

Baseball Power Rankings

The latest power rankings decided by writers at ESPN.com were released yesterday. The only team I want to point out on that list is the New York Yankees. They are ranked 12th on the list and I'm not sure how they could be that high. They've only won 9 games this season so far and their winning percentage, along with their team ERA is 4th worst in the league. They are ahead of the Nationals, the Royals and the Rockies in winning percentage and the Rockies actually have more wins on the year. Their pitching staff couldn't beat a high school team right now. The Rays, who are 27th on the list, are 3-1 vs the Yankees this year. Keep up the accurate, unbiased sports rankings ESPN.

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Abznaz said...

I agree with you Scott the Yanks should be at the bottom of the list lately. However, we've all seen them struggle only to prevail come august. I think this is the year that the Yanks don't overcome from their bad start and struggle with that pathetic pitching staff...You can't ignore that lineup though...Bobby Abreu is just another bat in NY?