Monday, March 12

First Openly Gay NBA Player Gayly Signs First Openly Gay Endorsment Contract For Being Openly Gay.

Good old John Amaechi, wasting perfectly good news space with these amazing developments:

Former NBA player John Amaechi became the first openly gay male athlete to sign an endorsement deal with a mainstream company.
SO WHAT?!!! This is news now? And that "mainstream company" is....HeadBlade?
"John Amaechi is the newest face of the brand because he embodies many of the qualities representative of a HeadBlader," HeadBlade chief executive Todd Greene said. "He is a man comfortable in his own skin and he's not afraid to go against the grain."
Get it? Grain, like shaving against the grain, like a double-entendre. Clever.

And he sports a shaved noggin.

After that the comparison sorta falls apart, unless "HeadBladers" are generally attracted to penis.