Saturday, March 3

Trashing Talking 101

With rampant free agency ruminations on various message boards, a minor feud has developed between WaPo Redskins Insider and the official team message board,

Pointless? Indeed. But as a wonderful by-product I became a better person by reading this masterpiece of hatred:

Maybe your judgment is impaired, I don't know. I'm sure a lot of blood has rushed to your head while you've been grabbing your ankles. In any event, it's hilarious you're making accusations about JLaC holding his readers -- the same ones he met for beers last week -- in low regard.

You know who's held in low regard? Every fan who puts up with the worst stadium in the NFL, the most expensive tickets, the most restrictions on game-day parking and walking, the most dysfunctional front office, restricted-view seats, club-endorsed scalping, radio broadcasts with more ads than action, and a million other small indignities -- and yet continues to bleed burgundy and gold! And why? Because we're all in it together. And you come in here and trash this blog, a place for those same fans -- and a place that was doing just fine before you slug-trailed your sorry a$$es in here.

So go back over to your corporate-sponsored black hole to post your brand-building, Six-Flags approved, TomKat Klub droolings. And in so doing be sure to trash the media whenever possible! Because it's the media's fault in general, and JLaC's specifically, that our beloved team's had one good season in the past decade.

I remember the RFK days when Skinsville wasn't overrun with the kind of meat-tenderized and self-satisfied yuppies who populate FedEx -- and, unfortunately, have come trolling around this blog.

What I don't understand is this: When The Snyder looks at you, you yuppie minions, he spits in your collective eye, and you thank him. Don't you realize you could use the extra money he's been charging you to buy your wife that third luxury SUV in the hopes she starts doing you "favors" like the ones she did in college before you realized your marriage is loveless?


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