Tuesday, March 13

Trouble In Franchisedise

Lance Briggs is done with the Bears:

"I am now prepared to sit out the year if the Bears don't trade me or release me," Briggs told FoxSports.com on Monday night. "I've played my last snap for them. I'll never play another down for Chicago again."

He claims he'd motivated, in large part, by a desire to be 'the man':
I'm a competitor and I want the same thing [Brian Urlacher] has. I've learned a lot from Brian as a player and a leader and I eventually want to be 'the man' somewhere. I want to be like him and have everything put on me too. Obviously I'll never be able to do that there.

Though resident Bears fan Jon has not posted here at the Naz, he found the time to comment on this article at ESPN.com.
Blah blah, trade him. Hopefully he gets cancer so that any money he makes go to doctors' bills. He shouldnt be allowed to enjoy $7 mill, the way he's been acting.

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