Wednesday, March 14

The D.C Monster...

Redskins this. Capitals that. Nationals this. Wizards that. Blah Blah blah....Enough of all this D.C area talk on this blog. Let's talk about the greatest Washington Athelete the area had ever seen.

Is it Sean Taylor? Nope

Slingin' Sammy? Nah

Art Monk? Nah's Gheorge Muresan! Who could forget the 7' 7 beast of a center who could dunk with the greatest of ease, block shots at will and command the utmost attention from his opponents. In all seriousness, Muresan is simply a funny man; whether its displaying his dance moves or advertising his latest fragance, we should all show more respect to the man that is Gheorge Muresan....

This one is for dee kids

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Scott said...

Where's the other snickers commerical, "I score one for the kids". His commericals were awesome. Let's not forget his movie career in My Giant.