Saturday, March 17

March not so madness?

How about the first round of games? A total of 5 upsets in the first round and three of them were the #9 seed over the # 8 seeds. I don't want to knock the greatest sporting event in all of sports, (you know its true) but where are the big upsets? the Bucknells and Hampton teams of this world? Maybe march madness has been spoiled the past few years..Maybe I just wanna see another George Mason... Woo Winthrop beat Notre Dame, you know what USF beat Notre Dame and frankly, I could legitametly have a chance to start for USF (they're very bad).Also, is Virginia Commonwealth is that big of an upset? I watched Duke play a few games this year and they looked terrible, sloppy offensively and very beatable and I was not that suprised to see them lose. In the second half of almost every games the underdogs for the most part, blown out! I hope the second round brings some upsets because that first round of games was lacking any storyline or excitement. Man Im drunk......zzzzzzzzzz

ON A SIDE NOTE: Eric this blog needs you....COME BACK

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