Saturday, March 17

Trouble in PasierbLand?

Is it just me or do the Bears look like they could possibly be in trouble for next year?

Tank- getting locked up..Who would have though a guy with the name Tank Johnson would be arrested on weapon charges?

Rex- self-explanatory

Thomas Jones- A lotta people do not realize the caliber of a running back that Thomas Jones is. The loss of TJ is leaving a huge weight on Benson's shoulder. It'll be intereting to see if they draft an RB.

Lance Briggs- Will he really sit out an entire year? Coming from someone who watched Deion Branch demand money as if he was the best in the biz, I'd say that Briggsy will seriously sit out the year if it came down to it. He would not only be making a huge mistake on his career but he would leave a gaping hole in that run defense.

Mentally- More recently, alot of teams collapse the years after their first superbowl appearance in awhile, (Raiders, Giants, Bucs..etc) I'm worried that this could happend to a yound team like the bears as well

For all purposes, I hope that the Bears overcome these offseason struggles with a solid draft and a clear mind on the upcoming season. It will be interesting to see what transpires with that team the next year not only cause I'm a fan but also because it could very possibly, provoke many Knee Jerk reactions by Bear Afficianado Jon Pasierb.....

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