Tuesday, March 13


I've been following the daily dispatches from the NFL USO trip to Iraq and Afghanistan. The players on trip are Alge Crumpler, Will Shields, Shelton Quarles and Ben Watson.

The dispatches won't be filed in the annals of great war-front prose, but they're important, nonetheless, because they humanize the both the war and the NFL players. All too often we speak of both as a homogeneous mass, only acknowledging the individual when they reach the opposite ends the achievement spectrum; that being greatness or failure. It's necessary to understand that the Army is comprised of individuals, individuals trying to do good, and individuals who are appreciative of the visit from these NFL players. Though reciprocity need not be pointed out (as in: the pleasure is all mine) you get the sense that the players are taking a lot from their trip, both in the impact that they have and understanding the sacrifices that the solders make daily.

If you have 10 minutes take the time to read all 6 dispatches.

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