Tuesday, March 27

Top-10 Consistent Franchises

Over at Pro-Football-Reference Doug has put together a list of the most consistent NFL franchises since 1978.

The site contains some math jargon (translation: cover your room in plastic before visiting the site, whereupon your brain will spew from your ears, sending it's college-altered grey matter everywhere like the frag from an IED) but here are the top-10 teams reproduced without any permission whatsoever. Visit the site for the complete list.

The columns are: 1) Average wins and 2) the average standard deviation from that number year to year.

crd 5.91 1.69
htx 4.80 1.72
mia 9.53 2.12
sea 8.02 2.14
min 8.48 2.19
den 9.65 2.41
pit 9.44 2.42
kan 8.37 2.46
det 6.41 2.53
phi 8.80 2.60

Congrats to the Cardinals, winners of...something. Although with an average of 6 wins a season that's consistency akin to fondling a cookie dough textured tit at the nursing home.

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Abznaz said...

oh wait but whose been the most consistent the past decade...oh wait lets not go there...