Friday, March 2

Happy Trails! Welcome Home!

Since the start of the free-agent carousel, the following things have been a move'n and a shake'n:

UPDATED 3:01 PM: Jeff 'Gay But Not Gay' Garcia is rumored to have signed with the Raiders -- which is weird because I thought he was truly tired of being a starter for losing teams. Lions, Browns and now the Raiders?...sheesh.

  • Jake Plummer has retired, voiding a trade to the Bucs

  • Joe Horn was released

  • Pittsburgh's Joey Porter was cut

  • Colts WR Brandon Stokley, cut

  • San Fran WE Antoino Bryant, cut

  • Texans WR Eric Moulds, cut

  • Old Man Brad Johnson released

  • Old Man McCardell is out in San Diego

  • Jamaal Lewis will likely be waived

  • TE Daniel Graham is set to become a Bronco, joining former Lions CB Dre Bly

  • Buffalo is looking to trade Takieo Spikes

  • J-Ville resigns Freddy "Oh, My Knee" Taylor

  • IN REDSKINS NEWS: The teams has resigned FB Mike Sellers and guard Randy Thomas. More cap wiggle room, what else is new?

    ALSO, a good overview of free agency terms and rules from

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