Thursday, March 22

Texans make a good move for once? whaat?!?!?

The Houston Texans today traded for Atlanta backup Qb Matt Shaub; ending David Carr's reign but giving away a few early draft picks in exchange for a solid QB. Now alot of people who have watched Shaub play consider the guy one of the best backups in the game, and alot of people called him a "flash in the pan" that only performs well in limited action. This year we will all see how good of a Qb Shaub really is and I believe, he will put that talk to rest. I always hated that "project" mentality approach that teams take.. like our players just need to develop and they need to be nurtured into the big leagues (entire Devil Rays squad)...When you go to the pros you either have the tools or you dont. Yes, there is a learning curve but come one seriously

" David Carr will be good in six or so years...",

or the
"He just gets sacked all the time its not his fault the O-line sucks!"

You know what? The fact remains David Carr had his six year opportunity and simply couldn't take that team absolutely anywhere. Is David Carr a good Quarterback? Absolutely, but the Texans needed a change of pace and I absolutely love this pickup. Maybe, in six years time and in respect to the " Project Approach" , Eric will show this post to his buddy Mario Williams, who he insanely still stands by with last years #1 pick .Personally, I would probably take a look at all the amazing rookies last year Addai, Jones Drew,Hester,VY, Colston, Mark Anderson,AJ Hawk, know what, forget it the list is too long.

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