Thursday, March 1

Least favorite teams...

Just wondering, what is everyone's least favorite sport teams? We all know we hate those teams in our respective divisions (Scott hate cowboys), but what about those teams that for some reason or another we love to hate....


1.Yankees (self-explanatory)
2. Colts (gotta respect Dungy though)
3. Buffalo Bills, Dolphins, Jets (also self explanatory)
4. UCF (nobody is yet to realize how terrible they really are)
5. Duke ( every year we gotta hear about how good they are)
6. Denver Broncos (If you own my team in the playoffs and end my teams string of superbowls, those years of being a loyal John Elway fan are washed out the door)
7. U of Miami- (historically "unsportsmanlike" teams dating back to the days of Michael Irvin and also what a shitty school altogether)

alright thats good for now ...

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Eric said...

Exlcuding divisional foes (which you didn't do)

1. Seattle Seahawks.
2. Sean Alexander...whoops, not a team
2. Mexico Soccer
3. Seattle Seahawks
4. The A-Team
5. MSNBC News Team
6. Baltimore Ravens
7. Tampa Bay Bucs
8. Yankees
9. The U
10. Cleveland Cavilers