Saturday, February 17

Picks and Chicks

I missed this Page 2 review of the year's worst sports predictions. Some of the NFL ones are great:

Worst Prediction of the Year, First Runner-Up: Mike Florio of "We predict for both the Bears and the Colts a tough time in 2006."

Worst Prediction of the Year: Bob Oates, Los Angeles Times. Oates predicted Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, Miami, Pittsburgh and Washington would reach the postseason -- all missed -- while Chicago would not make the playoffs. He said the Lions had a realistic chance of advancing to the Super Bowl. And the Indianapolis Colts? They will "flame out" because Peyton Manning "isn't a natural quarterback."

AND BECAUSE the Skins were very much apart of the years bad picks, let's cheer up by looking at a picture of a woman who I predict to be my next girlfriend.

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