Saturday, February 17

BREAKING NEWS: Pats Finally Pay A Star Player...Sort Of

Asante Samuel has been hit with the 'franchise player' tag. For those unfamiliar with the logistics of the designation, it's good for a one year extension with a payout of the average of the top-5 NFL CB salaries. Which quasi-sucks for Asante, as he may have earned top dollar in the market. Bill Belichick said:

"Asante Samuel is an outstanding player who has been a consistent contributor for us for several years. We hope Asante remains a Patriot for many seasons to come. Unfortunately, hope is not a currency accepted by anyone and it's all Mr. Kraft is ultimately prepared to spend.
IN OTHER NEWS...Dan Snyder is inviting Redskins fans to a bonfire at Redskins park. The fire will be fueled by the hard cash he was preparing to pay Samuel with.

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