Sunday, February 18

ESPN: Now With 25% Less Suck

Michael Irvin (snort) has received the ax from ESPN, being replaced by the Tuna. Happy trails, Mike! It's a long a lonely road so pack accordingly, you know, like with foil, a lighter and your friend's crack pipe. I also missed this Irvin gaffe when it happened:

Last season, ESPN did not discipline Irvin after he jokingly suggested that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's strong performance might be attributed to one of his ancestors sleeping with a slave.

IN OTHER NEWS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED...and it's on the internet, so it must be true.
The NFL analyst who took a picture of his penis with a cell phone camera and has shown it to numerous, uncomfortable women, was suspended by his network.

That analyst's name; Sean Salisbury. If you don't believe me just google 'penis' and 'Sean Salisbury' but don't forget the 'Sean Salisbury' part.

ALSO...watching the NBA All-Star game I remembered something funny. Remember when Marv Albert was arrested for biting that lady during sex? That was awesome.


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