Monday, February 19

Meet The Dr.

December 30th, 1984, Akron, Ohio -- With only a threadbare blanket between her and the frigged wood floor, Gloria waits. Her sister dabs a lukewarm cloth at her sweating brow telling Gloria, "You doin' fine sweetie, just keep'on breath'n. The midwife'll be here any second."

The living room fills briefly with headlights, a car door shuts outside. The midwife is here.

The front door opens and a surprisingly large figure enters, pulling it's hood off to reveal something equally surprising -- the midwife is a man.

Without speaking the man goes quickly to work. With deft, delicate hands he delivers a healthy baby boy.

The man finally speaks while holding Gloria's newborn, "His name shall be LeBron"

And Gloria James, repeats the name softly to herself, to the world; "Lebron."

That midwife's name: Morgs.


With March madness nearly upon us and basketball entering it's second stretch, we'd like to welcome basketball expert Morgs as a new contributor to Sporting Naz.
Look back at some of Basketball's great moments and you'll find Morgs' fingerprints. Leaping in front of the Bobby Knight thrown chair to save a small child, giving a protective cup to a cameraman before a Bulls game, a game that would find Rodman's foot blocked by the same cup. Morgs knew John Amechi was gay before John Amechi did, he predicted (and relished) the fall of this season's Duke Blue Devils. There are more, indeed, many more.

In short; listen to this man, Morgs.

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