Wednesday, January 24

Melo and AI

A prediction; Melo and A.I. will set the new high mark for most combined points in an NBA game (the current record occurred in a 3 OT game, Denver vs. Detroit, December 13, 1983. Vandeweghe 51, English 47.).

In the same game they will also set the record for most nuh-bombs dropped in a single season.

Whatever happens with this duo, I just want to make sure I get tickets for free tattoo night at the Pepsi Center.


Dolph said...

Well...let's see...Nuggets are 2-0 in the Melo-A.I. era...Iverson's managed to throw out a dub-digit assist performance as well...but damn, I can't see that duo putting up a record like that especially with the number of shots A.I. heaves typically when he's rackin up 40+...def has been interesting seeing him take a slight back seat on the offensive end to become more of the prototypical point guard.....time will tell though

Eric said...

The point record is a long shot, but the nuh-bombs? It's a freaking lock.