Thursday, January 25

The Bungles...

Who-Dey?...Yeah, the dudes with the ankle bracelets, what the hell is that? Ohhh it's never a good thing when one of your supporting WR's is serving a jail sentence...or the other EIGHT guys who couldn't quite decipher between right or wrong when it comes to the everyday quagmires we all run into, like, "Should I beat my wife right now?" or "Is drunken boating a smart decision?" or the ever-present "Should I commit grand theft burglary tonight?" least they're familiar with wearing orange

If once is an aberration, twice is coincidence and thrice is the beginning of a pattern...where the F does this fall? Nine? Including FIVE alone by Chris Henry himself? I'm just waiting for the Vegas gambling prospects to start rolling out now: "Which will be a higher figure, 2007 Devil Rays total wins or total team arrests for Bengals players in the 2007 calendar year?" D-Rays got a lotta young talent, but goddamn Cincy's loaded on this one...

Speaking of loaded, and speaking of predictions, I don't know how the hell they've averted the almost commonplace "weapons charge"...Next Bungle arrest: unlawful possession of a firearm...any takers?

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Eric said...

I actually checked Chris Henry's ebay account and though he's bid on several guns, he's constantly been outbid by one 'BigTankJ,' whoever that is.

DWSwdod is the quintessential NBA charge, isn't it? Driving While Strapped (with dope on dashboard).

Also, I got $500 on the Rays due to the awesome power of the Sleep Dome.