Friday, July 13

Worst of the Worst?

I was thinking recently, are the Rays really theworst managed sports team?
I used to think it was Milwuake (who cares how I spell milwakee, get a life cheesehead) but it appears they have made strides in the past few years on top of their new stadium...

Coming from New England, I am a Celtics fan and they are managed by the incompent Danny Ainge, who along with the front office has ran that franchise, one of the most storied in probably all of sports, into the ground. The way I see it, the Pirates and Royals have yet to make any strides since what the 70's? 80's?
Here's my list, feel free to add to it...

1. Detroit Lions- One playoff game since 1957! Forced probably the greatest football player to retire early.
2.Pittsburgh Pirates- when was the last time they had a squad? Clemente?
3. Devil Rays- cheap owners, bad coach...[insert complaint here]
4. Raiders-need i say more?
5. NY Islanders- consistenly mediocore or awful
6. Royals- small-market team known to be cheap and involved in revenue sharing...
7. Chicago Blackhawks- not a good squad
8. Cubbies?- I love the cubs as much as the next guy, but that 97 year WS drought is a bit pathetic...
9.Buffalo Bills- You go to 4 superbowls and don't win one of them? The music city miracle could only happen to Buffalo
10. Cleveland Browns- Its only fitting that our nations most tortured sports city make my list with at least one team....

I guess you could throw the Arizona Cardinals and NO Saints on this list but they seem to at least be improving, where as these clubs do not show signs of improvement. Just cause a team is losing doesnt put them on my list, but rather a lack of progession. If I were making that list you'd almost have to put teams like the Clippers, GS Warriors, the Phillies or any Philly team for that matter.

The lions are the worst in my opinion, they just don't ever get any better,

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