Friday, July 13

Stay classy Yankee fans....

I was at yesterday's game in the god awful trop, with the god awful Rays taking on the mildly awful Yanks, and witnessed and old woman get a beer thrown on her by a angry Yankees fan. If that wasn't enough, I saw this "gumba" looking dude (i.e., incredible amounts of hair gel, surname usually ends in a vowel, tony soprano, [insert generalized italian stereotype here]..etc ) in a Jeter jersey cuss out an old couple for cheering for their team. Way to go Yankee fans, you prove me correct every single year.

On that note, on behalf of the lowly Rays organization, I would like to welcome the Yankees to "the bottom",where the water is warm, the fans unruly, the beer flows like river of desperation; masking the awful truth of the sad state of the franchise. Get used to it Yankees, at this rate, it might be a long time till you get back to the top.

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