Friday, June 22

Say What?

I caught Peter Gammons on ESPN radio Thursday attempting to deflect criticism from Sammy Sosa and his alleged roid usage. Mainly what it would do to his hall of fame chances It was mega stupid.

I like Peter, I think he does a good job relaying to us, the viewers, what he hears from scouts, managers, players and ownership. His opinion...not so much.

Peter was trying to equate pitchers who doctor balls to people who use roids; which is laughable, but this, this is just absurd:

"But what about Hall of Famers who doctor baseballs? I mean, a spitball could get away and kill someone, steroids never killed anyone, only killed baseballs."

Um...sorry Peter, I could link to the myriad of websites that explain just why that statement is utterly preposterous, or just say to an audience of none that you are full of shit. I choose you are full of shit.

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