Monday, June 25

The Greatest Ever?

I think we should all pay respects to the greatest baseball player of our era. Nope not that guy, the guy that juiced up and hit all those home runs. The man I'm talking about is Ken Griffey Jr, not only one of the greatest hitters of our era but one of the biggest class acts of all time. Despite missing 4 or so seasons of baseball in his prime, Griffey on sunday passed Mark Mcgwire for seventh all time, hitting two jacks and totalling his home runs to 584. It just so happens he hit the two bombs in Seattle, a place he had called home for some eleven seasons.

"It was more than I expected, a lot more than I expected," Griffey said of the reception. "To have that many people, for that long, cheer for you was pretty unbelievable."
Griffey kept his composure, but it wasn't easy.
"I had to take a couple of deep breaths during the ovations," he said. "It was touching, but I didn't want to start crying so I could go home and have my kids say, 'Daddy, you (were) a punk."

Lets not forget his modesty, which by the way, is second to none...

“You play long enough, you hit a few out and you catch people,” Griffey said after Sunday's game.

To me, the guy is a class act, belonging to the same class of personal favorites like Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, Troy Brown,John Stockton, Cal Ripken Jr, that I respect not just for their dedication to their orginization but the appreciation they created and the fans they entertained. I could never understand how people could not like Griffey, that calm batting stance, the way he used to absolutely cover any ball hit into center field in the infamously shitty Kingdome. Lets not forget the backwards hat and diamond earing look he made popular. I could go on and on about his humanitarian efforts and how much he has invested in the make-a-wish foundation, but I've gotta get back to work. Keep it up Griffey....

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