Friday, June 15

Dear Yankee Fans

Dear Yankee Fans,

Congratualtaions or your latest win streak. Though I hate you, I can't ignore the fact you will most likely still win the division, despite your absolutely terrible start of the season. With that being said, your team as we know it is history. You simply can't go out and get a bunch of expensive players and expect them to win championships. Remember when you guys won all those games in 1998? You think that was luck or something? That was arguably one of the greatest teams to ever play. I'd even put that team in the same class as the Oakland teams or Reds teams of the 70's, Johnny Bench and Pete Rose, Reggie Jackson and a plethera of hall of famers. This was not because you guys had an expensive payroll, but because you had ROLE PLAYERS(Brosius,O' Neill,Knoblauch,Chad Curtis, Joe Girardi). Granted your rotation was much much better with guys like Cone, El Duque in his prime...etc. But I mean, Scott Brosius was the MVP for christ's sake. The truth is, you cannot buy chemistry (coughs: Washington Redskins...sorry I had something in my throat..haha).The fact is, your championship drought will continue unless Steinbrenner invests in his TEAM rather than it's PLAYERS. Good luck Yanks fans you won't win another one until your philosophy and your constant attempts to ruin the game of baseball cease and desist.

Yours Truly,

Bryan "The tortured D-ray fan" Abznaz

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