Friday, June 15

Dear Asante

Dear Asante,
You are officially a waste of talent and are not just letting me down, your letting your team,tons of patriot fans and UCF Alumni down. How did you not show up to Marquise Hill's funeral? What did he have to do with you "getting paid"? Once that happened, I lost all respect for you man. You had a good year last year and have gotten more and more acclimated to our defense with each passing season. Have one more good year like that and you will "Get Paid". However, If you think you need to be paid like you are the greatest CB in the leauge you are wrong. You couldn't even hold a candle to guys like Champ Bailey. Go ahead man, go test free agency waters, end up on that long list of pats player that thought the grass was greener; only to see there careers tumble,performance drop dramatically, and miss out on superbowls. Call up your boys Branch, Givens, Milloy, Law, Woody, Andruzzi, [insert Pats player here], I'm sure they would be able to advise you more clearly, since I am just a "homer", a loyal pats fan who knows nothing about football.Happy trails, Asante. Now please get off my f-ing team.

Bryan "Get Paid" Abznaz

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