Tuesday, February 20

Pacman Jones To Teach 'Street Logic 101'

Although my co-blooger Absnaz fancies the NBA as a bunch of thugs, it remains clear the NFL is a league with major behavioral problems.

In the last 48 hours: Koren Robinson was sentenced to 90-days for fleeing police, Dominic Rhodes was arrested for drunk driving, and the king of trouble, Pacman Jones, is sought for questioning in a triple-shooting that occurred while Jones was in Vegas for the NBA all-star game. Jones has not been named a suspect in the strip-club shooting. To his credit, Pacman was in the good company of Nobel Peace scholar Nelly.

According to his lawyer:

"I asked him: 'Was anybody in your group involved in the shooting? And he said, "No."

"I said, 'Then why did you leave?' He said, "When there's guns there's always someone else coming with a gun. That's what you do. You get out of there.""

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