Thursday, June 7


Time to add another sports-ism to the list of sports-isms that we hate. This list includes the oft-used "This team just isn't built for 3rd and long"...because we all know that the goal of every GM is to make a team that shines in those 3rd and a bunch situations.

During the Spurs/Cavs: topic being the Cavs only down 6 with LeBron still without a FG.

"The Cavs have to be happy with that score. They are only worried about getting those other guys started. LeBron is good enough that he can make shots when he wants to."
Remember this was about Lebron going 0 for 6, those 6 shots, we must assume given that statement, shots that he didn't really want to make.

Ultimately, at some point during these finals, the Cavs starters not dubbed "The Chosen One" will be blamed for the team's performance but how does that statement square with their stout D in the first quarter of game one and ending the first half only down by 5 while Lebron is without a FG?

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