Monday, June 18

Beavers Plow ASU

The Oregon State Beavers contiuned their unlikely march towards a repeat College World Series title today, destroying the 5th ranked Arizona State Sun Devils.

With the win OSU remains in the winner's bracket, likely to play Arizona State again before advancing to the championship game.

OSU is located in Corvallis...which brings us to this completely unrelated-sports-but-funny-as-hell story:

A US teenager has been arrested after he was caught on video having sex with a horse in a barn.

The owners of the barn in Corvallis, Oregon, had installed the video surveillance camera after previous assaults on the horse, reports the Corvallis Gazette-Times.

They were shocked to see footage of the teen sexually assaulting the mare when they checked the video in February.

Deputy Clay Stephens, who viewed the video, said the youth seemed very practiced, not hurried but not wasting any time. He seemed to be following a "very concise, deliberate, well-thought-out plan".

I'd hate to see what kind of gang bangs could occur if OSU repeats.

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