Saturday, May 5

intrusive media

Upon hearing of the news of Caridnals relief pitcher Josh Hancock's death, I became a little upset with the way the media has handeling the situation. The guy obviously made a wrong decision and got behind the wheel of a car (registering a .17 or something like two times the legal limit), crashed into a parked tow truck and died on impaxt. With that being said, does anyone feel it's wrong to leak out things like he ws carrying pot on him at the time of his death? The news is tragic enough and now the family needs to hear how much weed and how drunk he was at the time of his unfortunate passing. I don't know his situation enough to judge but it seems a bit unfair for his family to hear stuff like this at a time when they certainely don't need it. As a sports fan and a human being for that matter, I think it's wrong to leak out personal things like that; as it clearly labels Hancock as someone who was an abuser and in some way tarnishes his life (Its not like he can defend himself!). I've always thought of our cultures fascination with death as pretty comical; how people called James Dean's death a "tradgedy" even though he was driving through Los Angles going 150 mph. How Tupac was "tradgically" murdered ? Tradgedy? Really? Well, before I get off course,it's not neccesary to leak information for people so harshly once they have passed on...Just a thought