Thursday, February 22

Why Your Team Beat My Team Or Why My Team Beat Your Team

With the awesome power of hindsight you can mold NFL stats into whatever shape you'd like, and today I did just that.

In this case I was trying to find a stat that accurately measured how well a team performed last season. Common sense says that the average PPG against the average of P-Allowed PG would be a good indicator. Turns out it's a very good indicator.

I was actually shocked at how well it corresponded with the playoff team's records. Check it (teams listed in order of finish at end of regular season):

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{{Let's just call it a Michael Irvin coke break}}

San Diego30.818.9+11.9
New England24.114.8+9.3
New Orleans25.820.1+5.7
NY Jets19.818.4+1.4
NY Giants22.222.6-0.4

As you can see Seattle over-performed again and squeaked bye in a crappy division.

Jacksonville had some tough breaks this year. Sure, they didn't man-up when it counted, but they managed to man-up enough o compile a pretty healthy scoring differential, just not the W's that usually accompany it.

Their line:
23.2     17.1     +6.1
Which is better than half the playoff teams.

AS FOR the Redskins:
19.2     23.5     -4.3

It could've been worse though,
14.9     22.2     -7.3
I could be a Browns fan.


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