Friday, February 23

Guest Blogger

We'd like to welcome back guest-blogger and friend of the Mini-Grilling, Floyd Landis:

Glad to be back, Eric.

Floyd Landogg again, I'll be brief;

Kiss my naturally-high-testosterone-sweat covered ass: "Lapse may jeopardize case against Landis"

The French dropped the ball? No, not the French, anyone but the French, they seem so competent and on the ball.

Lab Tech #1: Pierre, wheech sampul is zee Landis?

Pierre: Lab Tech #1, dus mah hat luook good tiltud like so?

Lab Tech #1: Oui. AH NO PIERRE! Zee sampul is not zee wine!!! Zootalo!!!

I gotta run folks, but when you hear that car horn echoing through the Champs Elysees, it means my bare ass hanging out the window is not far behind.

-Floyd Lanids,

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