Monday, February 26

AL Predictions

With the much anticipated MLB season just around the corner, its must be that time of year which baseball fans young and old begin to make irrational and usually offbase early season predictions.

AL East

1.NY Yankees - (suprise,suprise....jerks). It wouldnt shock me if they did have a bad year but who bets against the Yankees? I would love to but you have to always consider them the favorite with the amount of money they spend.
2. Boston- why not? They should be right in the thick of it come playoffs. Get Wily Mo Pena involved for christ sake! The guy can play ball.
3. Toronto- Here is an interesting team. I think with a respectful start, a productive Frank Thomas, Toronto has a chance to seriously suprise some people this year and even win the division ( yea, I said it..).
4. D-RAYS! - Could it be? Maybe its just wishful thinking but with Baltimore looking worse and worse, this could be the season in which the rays get out of that last spot.
5.Baltimore- Listen, I love Cal Ripken as muchas the next guy but lets face it, they dont have the steampower to compete with anyone in this division. If thier young rotation has a good year though, the best they will do is fourth place.

AL Central
1. Tigers- They havent changed much since last year and if anything, they got better by getting Sheffield. They have arguably one of the best young pitching staff in baseball, and they have enough offense to back it up. Possibly the most dangerous team in the AL.

2. Indians- Very talented team that if ever gets its chemistry problems together can make a serious run in probably the toughest division in baseball. Travis hafner one of the best in the biz.

3. White Sox- I like their pitching staff despite some problems last year and they have an impressive young lineup. However, I think this is another year they take a step back, they simply have to keep improving

4. Twins- No. 4? Probably the worst decision to predict them at NO.4 seeing that they pratically always finish well. Probably one of the better teams in here and could very well win the division, but, with Liriano injured this staff is put on the shoulder's of Johan Santano.

5. Royals- Though they are definitely getting better, they are in for another long season.

AL West

1. Rangers- If the pitching ever stays consistent and healthy we could be looking at the Rangers winning the division.

2. Mariners- Can Beltre and Sexson produce? If they do watch out for the mariners after their busy offseason.

3. Angels- I love their rotation, but the lineup is too young and inexperienced to do much damage here.

4. Athletics- Dont give me that look. Yes, they always close it out in August but I think this is the year the A's take a serious step back. Their pitching is a joke and nobody hit over .300 or had more than 100 Rbis last year. I have been wrong before though.

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Scott said...

Boston-Best Pitching
Yankees-Best Hitting
Toronto-Good line-up, stay healthy?
Rays-Trade Upton and Cantu for SP
O's-Pitching needs to get better

Tigers-Hitting will decline from 06
White Sox-Balanced line-up
Twins-Fran needs to be healthy
Indians-They play bad/good together
My college team
Royals-Just can't win

Mariners-Ichiro's contract year
A's-They seem to win enough
Rangers-got pitchers, lost hitting
Angels-need to find some hitters