Friday, January 26


Hows bouts a little love for tennis and the Aussie Open? Why you may ask? Why not? Other than being a great sport -- and even a pretty good one to watch in my mind -- a level of excellence and almost complete dominance is continuing to roll through the ranks at a clip that perhaps surpasses anyone else in any sport.

Tiger Woods, Brady and the Pats, Michael this country these are the guys getting the pub when you ask most people who they feel has been the most dominant teams/athletes of our generation. Though El Tigre may still be my answer for now, Roger Federer's the other name that can challenge for that distinguishment.

After totally dismantling Andy Roddick in straight sets, Federer's on pace for his 10th Grand Slam title since 2003. He's also won 45 singles championships. Like Agassi, his only knock is not being able to win the French Open...yet. And with the way he tends to roll through fields, it's almost impossible not to include him in this conversation. Like Tiger while he is still in the midst of his career and like Mike while he was still playing, plenty of people worldwide are already debating whether Federer is the greatest EVER. Maybe it's his modest, unassuming attitude and appearance (he's Swiss, what else would you expect) that keeps him from receiving the attention he deserves...or maybe because it is, afterall, tennis.

Regardless, the dude needs props because he tears it up all over the court with nearly flawless execution.


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Jon said...

You left Rex Grossman off that list? Are you serious??